Ayatul Kursi Frame

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Every Product is handmade using Resin Art. Each frame is unique from the last one.

Handmade with Care

The verse is written in calligraphy and is considered to have immense spiritual power and protection for the home. The resin frame is a modern way to display this important verse, often used for wall decor. The intricate designs and intricate details in the resin make it a unique and beautiful addition to any space.


Elegant & simple design | High Quality | Timeless Art | Shiny finish

Frame with wall mount.


Please don't hang the clock in direct Sunlight.

Longer exposure to Sunlight may change the colors a bit.

Use a soft damp cloth to clean the dust off the clock. Don't use abrasive cloth or material to clean it. The finish is shiny so a soft cloth will keep the product perfect. A microfiber cloth works best to clean.


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